Prolife Foods now has over 35 years of business experience and continues to go from strength to strength in innovation and striving for excellence. We have our Global and New Zealand head office in Hamilton New Zealand, along with two main Factories producing a broad range of products for NZ, Australia, and International markets. Within the Hamilton head office, we have the core functions of Operations, Innovation, Technical, Marketing, Finance,Human Resources, Procurement, Information technology & Customer Services. In Altona, Melbourne we have the Australian Head Office and factory producing products for Australia and International markets.

In the sections below we provide details on our FMCG and Honey operational capabilities, our  quality practices and our procurement and supply chain logistics.

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Operational Capabilities

In our main site in Hamilton, we have bar manufacturing facilities for Baked, Sheeted, and Extruded bars using muesli, fruits and nut bases.

We have Nut roasting capabilities, both wet and dry roasting, which can be packed separately or used in blends with dried fruit, chocolate pieces, peanut butter , and other ingredients.
 Our blending and packing operations handles nuts and nut blends, snacks,  confectionery, cereals, dried fruit, and seeds and grains, in pack sizes from 60g to 5kg.

We have a full chocolate refining and manufacturing site, producing bars, moulded, clusters and panned chocolate products

Our peanut butter line produces Natural Peanut Butter and Natural Nut butter blends for individual sale or use in other products.

In our Australian plant in Altona Melbourne, we roast and pack nuts, and blend and pack a range of cereals, confectionery, dried fruit,Nut blends and Snacks for sale in Australia and international markets.

All our manfacturing capabilities are supported by world class Innovation, Quality, and Procurement teams to ensure we live the Prolife mantra of Great Food with Obsessive Service.

Honey Operations

Prolife has a dedicated Beekeeping facility based in Cambridge , about 30 minutes south of Hamilton.       

We have a team of highly qualified people who manage all aspects of the business from land to extraction, with a focus on NZ Manuka Honey.

Beekeepers - who cover rearing of Queen Bees, hive placement and seasonal management of the hives, and honey collection.

Plantation Managers - who look after planting and growth of Honey producing trees (especially Manuka)         

Extraction Plant - extracting the liquid honey from the combs. Grading & testing of honey strength and quality (we primarily use the UMF grading system for our Manuka Honey) 27893965_153110645335809_3754302927150252032_n.jpg


Procurement & Supply Chain Logistics

The Procurement department is dedicated to providing high quality, competitively priced products to support the Prolife Brands.

Prolife Foods sources a wide range of quality whole foods and confectionery from  certified suppliers from all parts of the world.
We promote partnerships which will provide growth and sustainable business as well as innovation and continuous improvement. 

We look for supplier support right through to the safe consumption of our products by consumers. Our aim is to ensure Prolife Foods is a market leader in quality whole foods.

All our suppliers must operate under an internationally accepted Quality Assurance program. Preferably "HCC HACCP and/or  a GFSI recognised standard, and all factories used by Prolife Foods are audited and approved prior to any purchases made.

"Sustainable relationships for sustainable business."

We use updated market and crop information for sound decision making. At Prolife Foods we set the highest standards across all aspects of the business including procurement. Our procurement people regularly visit our suppliers to personally inspect their facilities. As a condition of supplying to us, our  suppliers must also be involved in an auditing program for food safety and ethics.

Quality Practices 

At Prolife Foods, we take quality very seriously, tracking our raw materials at every point during their manufacture to ensure you receive  the best quality possible.  

Our commitment to constant high quality is an attitude inherent in all Prolife processes. On a daily basis we undertake  sensory evaluation,  and also employ analytical and microbiological testing to control manufactured products and minimise risks to consumers.  We proactively seek better and more efficient ways to manage quality and, never accepting the status quo, we learn from others and strive to further refine our working methods. 

We source the best quality raw materials from all over the world, and use internationally recognised standards at our manufacturing plant to deliver product that reflects our passion for excellence. 

We have regular audits and ensure all our products comply with the requirements of NZ legislation, as well as other additional vendor based quality requirements as necessary.
Prolife Foods Ltd is committed to the sourcing, manufacturing and marketing of food products that are NOT genetically modified.

As at November 2018: Quality standards / certifications across PLF

  • Certified to SQF (Safe Quality Food) version 8.0 for Altona, Australia and 92-100 Maui Street in New Zealand.  The SQF standard is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as a world class food safety standard.

  • Coles Food Manufacturing Supplier Requirements (CFMSR) Certification for Altona, Australia.

  • Woolworths Supplier Excellence certification for contract pack product lines in New Zealand.

  • Risk Management Plan, registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries under the Animal Products Act, for Honey operations in New Zealand (covering extraction, packing and distribution).

  • Registered with the Fair Trade Cocoa Program for selected chocolate lines, Altona Australia.

  • Registered with Biogro as an organic supplier for selected honey products in New Zealand.

  • Registrations as required under local councils (Food Act – National Programme 2 in New Zealand; Food Safe Victoria in Australia).

  • Registered exporter for New Zealand and Australian operations.


2016 Achieved certification to the globally recognised food safety standard SQF for our operations in Altona, Australia.

2017 Achieved certification to the globally recognised food safety standard SQF for our operations at 100 Maui Street, New Zealand.

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